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Creating equitable education for minority youth with robots.

Danielle Boyer is a young award-winning Indigenous (Ojibwe) and Queer robotics inventor, author, activist, and advocate for underserved youth who has been teaching kids since she was ten years old. Danielle creates innovative learning solutions utilizing robots that she invents and gives to kids for free to make technical education accessible. Armed with a desire to make the technical space an equitable one, she created The STEAM Connection, a nonprofit that has helped her reach hundreds of thousands of children worldwide with life-changing education. Danielle’s affordable tools champion the educational space and cost less than 20 USD to manufacture. By empowering underserved youth with technical skills, Danielle is helping them take back power in their lives, paving the way for a more sustainable, diverse, and innovative future. 


New Community Opportunities

Danielle's Tech Hours

A free initiative of The STEAM Connection to provide an opportunity for youth to develop their technical skills and build their inventions, organizations, or projects. Have an opportunity to see our latest inventions and tech before they are released and learn from Danielle and her experience as a young inventor.

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Free virtual technical sessions for Indigenous middle school students who want to learn about robotics, technical careers, and from Indigenous technical experts. Brought to you by The STEAM Connection and Little Moccasins Education Services. Created by Danielle Boyer (Ojibwe) and Dr. Joshuaa Allison-Burbank (Diné + Haak’umeh).


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Hands-On Techie Talks
Teaching Students Robotics
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Hands-On Techie Talks
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